Kangaroo Tandem - Parapente Tenerife

Had an awesome experience with Kangaroo Tandem! Top crew, easy transport, beautiful sights and your head is literally in the clouds.
It comes with a lot of nice pictures en video's to never forget this moment.

My advice: Go for the spectacular landing 😎👍
I believed I could fly (for about 30 minutes)!

Professional and funny guys that give you the impression that they wanna share their passion with you. Felt 100% safe while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Tenerrife and the adrenaline kick!

Thumbs up 👍
This is the most amazing thing that you can do on your holidays, Cristo and David are amazing pilots, they explained everything very well and made us feel safe, we will definitely do this again. Next time will be a higher altitude. Thank you so much, kangaroo!
Cristo and lads are absolutely amazing drivers, they do take good care of you and make sure you're having an amazing time apart from all of this these guys are super charismatic.

Doesn't matter your level of experience, you'll be able to do it with them.

Highly recommend 👌
Absolutely amazing experience, go get some. Dont doubt it , these people operate with quality equipment and give you an amazing service. Thank you guys , until next time !
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