Tenerife Tandem Paragliding

Nature unifies all of us. God’s creation has always captivated humans with its spellbinding beauty. Connecting with nature is the best way to refresh your mind, body, and soul. Tenerife is recognized as a popular holiday destination as heaps of tourists flock to the island every year. Tenerife Tandem paragliding is one of the most sought after adventure activities that leave people awestruck and wanting more. With a host of opportunities to fly, paragliding in Tenerife witnesses huge participation every year.


Let’s explore the thrill and joy of experiencing nature’s spectacle at a decent speed from above the ground.

Up Close And Personal With Nature

There is hardly any doubt as to why Tenerife is called “The Land of Eternal Spring.” The pleasant weather conditions throughout the year amplify the beauty of the natural landscapes, exotic beaches, and delectable cuisine. Tenerife has something or the other for every individual traveling to the island based on their preference. For adventure lovers, the largest Canary Island is like a dreamland as exciting activities are awaiting their participation. Paragliding in Tenerife is one such activity that connects tourists with nature in an unforgettable way as they fly you over some of the most wonderful locations on the island.

Paragliding In Tenerife

Through the aerial activity, tourists find themselves in nature’s lap, performing acrobatic activities or simply gazing through the beauty of the island. Even for novices, it is not that tough to live the event as no prior experience in flying is required.


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Tandem Paragliding In Tenerife

Tenerife gives an excellent opportunity to try the thrilling adventure in the form of tandem paragliding. Visitors find themselves in the perfect place to feel the kick of flying in the air. In tandem paragliding, tourists are accompanied by a professional pilot having years of flying experience. Therefore, the participants can make the most of their time floating above the ground. 

Paragliding In Taucho

Paragliding pilots are responsible for a safe and sound aerial journey. Hence, they ensure that safety measures are meticulously followed due to the risk factors involved. It starts right from the clothes tourists wear before they come to the take-off site. Pilots provide clear safety instructions that are important for the successful aerial journey. 


Giving out details about the safety measures for paragliding, here is the list that must strictly be adhered to: 

  • Wear tight clothes, preferable winter wear as it will be chilling at the height where take-off site is located
  • Go for sturdy shoes with an excellent grip so that it is easy to walk or run on the uneven surface at take-off or landing
  • Check for the license of the pilot who is providing the ride for complete assurance
  • Get details about the weather conditions from the pilot so that the flight journey is successful


The above safety instructions must be followed to enjoy the journey to the fullest.


Have A Joyful Outing With Kangaroo Tandem

Lose yourself in nature’s lap with a tandem flight by Kangaroo Tandem. Our professionalism makes us a reliable tandem paragliding partner in Tenerife.


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