Paragliding Tandem Flights Tenerife South

Tenerife’s popularity as a holiday destination is always on the high due to the amalgamation of the tropical climate, beautiful resorts, historical sites, and adventure/fun activities. The largest Canary Island is a place for all seasons and never disappoints a tourist as it has something to offer to every kind of tourist. Focusing on the adventure lovers, you get several activities that are sufficient to pump up the adrenaline and test your courage. You get the sight of tandem paragliding flights in the skies of Tenerife as flying is a cracking adventure.


In this blog post, we focus on the numerous benefits of taking up a tandem paragliding flight while in Tenerife.

Defeat Your Fear

Are you afraid of heights? Do you close your eyes while looking down from a tall building? Well, acrophobia (fear of heights) is quite common and it takes a lot of work to overcome it. Taking up adventure activities is an effective way to suppress your fear of heights. Tandem Paragliding flights is one such adventure sport where the risk factor is low and can be easily tried. Thanks to the paragliding companies who are making people go on a flight without any fear and hesitation.

Paragliding Tandem Flights Tenerife

As in a tandem flight, a professional pilot accompanies the tourist to control the flight and ensure that it stays in its trajectory. Tourists become free to just enjoy the feeling of being on a flight and live the moment without any worries or anxiety. As it happens, gradually the fear of height diminishes.

Taste The Thrill

Leading a life full of fun, excitement, and thrill is a choice not many opt for. Often people get stuck in the same monotonous routine to meet their ends. Lack of adventure could make a human clumsy, boring, and lazy. That is why trying new stuff full of adventure must be welcomed. Tandem paragliding flight in south Tenerife has everything to add a thrilling surprise to a boring life. Tourists flocking to the south Tenerife can find it easy to go on an aerial excursion.


The time tourists spend in the air etches itself as one of the most memorable experiences. Soaring high in the skies and then glancing down gives a different perspective to look at things. When you realize that your existence is minute relative to the natural bodies around you, its thrill runs down your whole body. It is the feeling that can never come while walking on the ground.


Achieve Your Dream

Paragliding In Teide National Park

Many people dream to fly but not everyone can fulfill the dream as it is one of the rarest adventures to experience. In Tenerife, tourists can achieve this dream by hopping on the seat with a paragliding pilot and going on the journey that takes them past the beautiful landscapes of the island. The exciting journey offers a bird’s eye view of the magnificent Canaries and in the process helps the participants achieve their dream of flying. All in all, it is a win-win experience and should not be missed.


Kangaroo Tandem Is Your Paragliding Partner

Go on a roll with tandem paragliding flights in Tenerife with Kangaroo Tandem. Our exclusive flight services include a tandem flight from Taucho, Ifonche, and Teide National Park.


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