Flying is a dream for many, but only a few could achieve it through different means such as taking up aerial sports like paragliding. Several factors come into play, leading to the final outcome of completing an aerial journey. Mainly, climate conditions act in favor of the paragliding flights in a particular region. Tenerife is one of the many places with optimal weather conditions such as right wind direction, the formation of thermal currents, etc. that make tandem flights in Tenerife a popular excursion.


In this article, we will explore different climatic behaviors that can impact the tandem flight on the island.

How important a stable climate is for tandem paragliding?

From the perspective of a paragliding pilot, it is critical to monitor the climate conditions before launching a flight. Any atmospheric instability can cause a problem that may force a paragliding pilot to postpone the tandem paragliding flight. The definition of good flying conditions can be the formation of thermals that enables the paraglider to soar high and far, while dangerous flying conditions could be the possibility of a thunderstorm. That being said, there are pilots who prefer exciting conditions to fly depending upon their prior experience.


Let us understand how different conditions such as a thunderstorm, thermic turbulence and strong winds near the cloud base impact the flight. 


Cumulus Nimbus or Thunderheads are dense, towering vertical clouds that are formed from water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents. Hence, extreme thermic turbulence is observed during a thunderstorm that results in uncomfortable flying. Apart from uncomfortable flying, there are dangers of cloudsuck, getting wet (easier stalls), icing (can tear the canopy), deadly electricity and sharp increase of wind speed (gust front, squall).


There is thermic turbulence when a gusty and variable wind is blowing on the ground such that min and max winds are more than 50% of the average wind speed. Higher the turbulence more is the difficulty in controlling the glider, even at the take-off. Paragliding pilots may try a few times to see if the glider could fly. Upon failing 3 times, it is considered to postpone the idea of flying by taking it as a warning sign. 


Pilots must choose stable flying conditions as if they are not able to control the glider on the ground while taking-off there is no chance the glider will be in control in the air. The pilot should fly only if they are comfortable with the conditions as in tandem flights the safety of the passenger is of utmost priority.


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Flying In Tenerife

In Tenerife, registered companies offer tandem flights from Taucho, Ifonche, and other popular sites that provide feasible conditions for flying. Although the sites are located at different heights, there is no such difficulty in getting launched from these locations because of the tropical weather conditions on the island. Tenerife has a high number of flyable days throughout the year that makes it a go-to destination for paragliding enthusiasts.

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