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Air pressure is a vital factor in and around the Canary Islands to favor the tandem paragliding flights. It creates ideal conditions that make paragliding in Tenerife feasible. Since the Canary Island are in close vicinity to the equator, it experiences the phenomena of high and low pressure.


In this blog post, we will explore how the condition arises due to the action of the sun.


How does the sun create a high-pressure area

Sun rays are more focused on the equator that warms up the air near the equator. As the air gets warm, they expand and rise, thus decreasing the pressure in the area. Once the air molecules reach the tropopause region, it shifts towards the poles. The tropopause is the interface between troposphere and stratosphere that lies 17kms above the equatorial regions and 9kms over the polar regions.


After the air molecules activity in the tropopause, the temperature dips in the process near the equatorial regions. However, the air molecules fail to reach the polar region due to the temperature drop and increase in density. Also, as the airspace near the poles is smaller than the equator, the air comes back down around the 30th parallel. The 30th parallel refers to the latitudes that are 30 degrees north and south of the Earth’s equatorial plane. This accumulation of air and its temperature creates a high-pressure region as the air comes down again compressing, heating and stacking itself.


How do High and Low Pressures Impact Paragliding

How do High and Low Pressures Impact Paragliding


A major consequence of this phenomenon is that it blocks the formation of clouds in the area, as the air gets piled on itself, compressing and gaining temperature. This is the reason why the equatorial regions on the planet have deserted areas due to the nonexistence of rain.


Also, due to the rotation of the earth, the wind blows in a clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere. These winds blow inside the anticyclones and get accumulated due to which pressure increases in the center of the anticyclones. As a result, the air tends to move towards the low-pressure region but they turn inside due to the inertia along the isobars.


The complete phenomenon creates a favorable flying condition for tandem flights in Tenerife.


Paragliding In Tenerife Is A Popular Activity

As a consequence of the high and low-pressure situation, paragliding in Tenerife becomes easy. The tropical weather conditions on the island makes it the place with the most number of flyable days in a year. It is the perfect destination for aerial sports lovers who can jump off the cliff from a height north of 700m and glide past the stunning beauty of the island.


With several take-off sites located at different heights, the island serves as a launchpad for flying enthusiasts who want to spend quality time in the air. Beginners can taste the thrill of flying through tandem paragliding flights in the guidance of a professional pilot who will take care of the paraglider.


Paragliding In Tenerife With Kangaroo Tandem

With a team of professional pilots having significant experience in flying, we provide to the tourists from all over the world.


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