Paragliding In Taucho | An Unforgettable Aerial Excursion

Vacationing on the beautiful island of Tenerife is bound to deliver memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Among the many activities, paragliding is the most sought after by the tourists as the joy of flying is beyond imagination. Tandem paragliding at Tenerife is an eventful venture that you can experience if you dream of flying and have no prior flying experience.

In this blog post, we will talk about Ifonche, a town in Tenerife and how paragliding in Taucho will leave you spellbound.

About Taucho

Taucho is a popular destination in the South of Tenerife and is home to some of the best paragliding locations in Tenerife. The pleasant weather makes the island as well as the town a must-visit place for all seasons. Hence, it is recommended to include it in your bucket list if you are planning a holiday in Spain’s mainland or the Canary Islands.

Taucho is located at an altitude of 760 meters above sea level. The rich landscapes put this town in the list of the sights to behold. As much as the place looks beautiful from the ground level, it looks mesmerizing from the air.


Experience the beauty of Taucho from above with tandem paragliding flight

Paragliding In Taucho Is An Incredible Experience

Amidst the beauty of the traditional Canarian architecture, lots of exciting activities await the adventure seekers. Tandem paragliding flights in Taucho witnesses a large number of visitors who come here to experience the thrill of flying in the air. Paragliding enthusiasts find solace at this place because it is one of the best areas for paragliding in all of the Canary Islands.

The tandem paragliding flight journey takes visitors through the most picturesque natural landscapes. In tandem paragliding, an experiential instructor accompanies the tourists to control the paraglider and let tourists immerse themselves in the soothing panoramic views of the town.


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Important Points To Keep A Tab On

  • Although the weather conditions are favorable, it is important to know the wind speed and its direction for a smooth take-off and proper landing. Your paragliding instructor will notify you about the conditions if they are favorable or not.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes to be able to move your body freely, especially your limbs to grasp the phenomenal views around you comfortably.
  • Wear hiking boots or sports shoes that are sturdy enough as the flight is leeward (downwind) in this area. So the speed at descent may reach up to 47 mph and to land safely, you will need high-quality shoes at your disposal.
  • Check for the license of your paragliding instructor before boarding for the tandem paragliding flight. Ensure that the instructor has ample experience in flying as the Taucho area is although attractive but different from others.


Covering the above points will give you the confidence and pump you up to avail the aerial excursion and have an unforgettable experience by enjoying the views of islands’ mountains and coastlines.

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