paragliding in Taucho

As much of an adventure flying is, it comes with a healthy amount of risk. However, for some people, no risk is too big as their love for adventure eclipses everything. Such people are the real adrenaline junkies who do not hold back for any reason. When this lot travels to Tenerife they feel charged up due to the availability of aerial adventure on the island. Paragliding in Taucho is a famous event in which people participate with zeal and achieve their dream of flying.

In this article, we throw light upon the safety measures important for beginners traveling to the Canaries.

Paragliding Safety Tips

Paragliding in Tenerife is an exciting opportunity to witness the beauty of the island from above the ground. But it must be understood that to enjoy the ride, safety measures are something that can not be overlooked. As the paraglider flies thousands of meters above the ground and the element of risk is omnipresent, complying with safety rules is a must.

Even if you’re not a frequent flyer or have zero experience in flying, tandem paragliding in Tenerife is easy to take. The paragliding pilots who have ample experience in paragliding are well aware of the weather conditions and other factors that are important for flying. These pilots take complete care of the tourists so that it turns out to be a memorable outing for them.

paragliding in Taucho

Be it a beginner who is paragliding for the first time or a professional pilot, paragliding in Taucho serves as the perfect opportunity to taste the thrill. The flight launches from a height of 800m and is ideal for your first experience with paragliding. Also, the safety drill is indispensable irrespective of the person going for paragliding. Here are the two safety tips that must be adhered to: 

Preparation Before Launch

Since the most experienced pilots may also fall to a minor error, the run-up for paragliding should be well informed. As the risk factor is ubiquitous, preparing both mentally and physically before the paragliding flight is very important. Monitoring the weather conditions and wind speed comes under the pilot’s ambit. Also, keeping a check on the paragliding gears and equipment to be used is their duty. The pilots make sure everything is in place and that the conditions are favorable for the launch. Before paragliding in Taucho commences, pilots must explain the participants about the take-off and landing techniques for a smoother experience. For the participants, it is essential to wear clothes that are not too loose and hinder your flying experience. Also, the shoes must be gripping enough to hold on to the surface well, as it will facilitate smooth take-off and landing.

Always Keep Your Eyes Open

paragliding in Tenerife

It takes just a few seconds for the things to turn upside down, so it is recommended to not get complacent when in air. As the sport is a mix of both tranquility and thrill, that feeling of relaxation may take over easily. However, paying attention to fine details is necessary to keep things under control at any point.

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