Tandem paragliding in Teide National Park

Almost every human being dreams of flying high in the open sky at least once in their lives. Although not everybody gets so lucky or is motivated enough to achieve the dream of flying. The largest Canary Island, Tenerife, gives a host of opportunities to fly safely without any worry. Tandem paragliding in Teide National Park is one such marvelous journey that lets you observe the beauty of Tenerife in an exciting way.


Read along to delve into the world of tandem paragliding in Tenerife and get amazed by its magnificence.

Become A Flyer

Tourists land on the island to give themselves a break from their mundane lifestyle and relax. Tenerife is not just limited to exotic beaches and excellent weather, but it has so much to offer to adventure lovers as well. In fact, Tenerife is like a paradise to adventure seekers as activities such as paragliding, kayaking, trekking, scuba-diving, keeps them on their toes. For those who dream of flying, it offers some of the most amazing aerial excursions including tandem paragliding.

Tandem paragliding in Teide National Park is a thrilling experience as it is home to Spain’s highest peak, Mt. Teide and creates a perfect backdrop for an adventure ride. It is an opportune moment for the adrenaline junkies to get the kick of high-altitude flight. The journey commences at a height of 2300m, making it the most thrilling aerial excursion in all of Europe. Tourists gasp while looking down from the top as they get a complete view of the largest Canary Island and feel pumped-up for the ride.

Tandem Paragliding In Teide National Park


Before the ride commences, paragliding instructors do the necessary drill of teaching the tourists about the safety measures. Despite the little risk involved, these safety measures are meant to take care of the tourists throughout the ride. Paragliding instructors have to monitor the weather constantly to ensure the journey is safe and secure.


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Flight Details

The exciting journey from the top is bound to leave tourists awestruck. Gliding past the mountains, beaches, and lush green valleys captivates the tourists and leaves them wanting more. Getting into the details of the flight could give a much better idea as to why this journey is unique. The flight takes off from a height of 2300m, from Izaña north or south. If it commences from Izaña north, it traces its journey over La Orotava valley and terminates at Puerto de la Cruz. When the journey starts from Izaña south, the paraglider flies over Valley of Güímar and descends at Puertito de Güímar.

Whatever the trajectory is, the flight lasts for about 30 minutes. These are the 30 minutes of pure fun, thrill, excitement, and tranquility that rejuvenate the tourists as they head back home with countless memories.

Amazing Paragliding Journeys With Kangaroo Tandem

Get surreal views of the island with a tandem paragliding flight. Book a paragliding journey in Tenerife with us and have amazing flying experience.

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