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Flying enthusiasts can find themselves on a roll throughout the year in Tenerife. Talking about winter, it is not necessarily cold, chilling, and windy in every part of the world and Tenerife is the best example. The tropical climate of the region favors the journey of tandem paragliding from different sites across the island.


In this blog post, we will discuss whether it is feasible to go for paragliding in winter and the factors affecting it.

Tenerife’s Climate Conditions Are A Plus

Globally known as one of the best holiday destinations, Tenerife attracts travelers and adventure enthusiasts throughout the year. The tourist figures thronging to the largest Canary Island is a testament to its pleasant weather conditions throughout the year.


tenerife tandem paragliding

Tandem Paragliding In Winter Is A Phenomenal Experience


However, not every place has weather like Tenerife, as winter can be cold and windy in other regions depending upon their geography. The bottom line is to take appropriate measures to enjoy tandem paragliding flights to the fullest, despite the season changes. Although weather conditions play a critical role, it is absolutely safe to try paragliding during the winter season as well.


Assessing the weather conditions before embarking on a new adventure trip in the air falls under the mandatory guidelines list. In Tenerife, the conditions are pretty much alike throughout the year. Therefore, the pilots are able to accomplish flight journeys with ease. Just in case the conditions are unfavorable, the flight gets canceled or postponed for safety reasons.


How To Complete A Successful Flight In Winter?

Earth has two hemispheres separated by the equator, Northern and Southern. The conditions are different in both hemispheres at any point in time of the year. Travelers always keep the aspect of weather in mind while planning their journey to a place. Since Tenerife lies in the southern hemisphere, tourists would not experience freezing cold weather on the island. However, there are several paragliding sites that lie in the northern hemisphere and have conditions opposite to that in Tenerife.

not every place has weather like Tenerife

However, not every place has weather like Tenerife, as winter can be cold and windy in other regions depending upon their geography.


If you are at any such location, here is how you can experience the thrill of flying.

  1. Wear winter clothes: Simple reason being, the paragliding take-off spots are located at a height where it is generally cold. Wear gloves, thick pants, warm winter jacket, and socks to get through it.
  2. Check weather conditions: We are reiterating it because it is one of the most significant factors for paragliding. Paragliding pilots are well aware of this fact, hence they keep monitoring the weather forecast at frequent intervals before taking-off.
  3. Wind Speed: Certain places experience stronger winds during winter. If the speed is above 20kmph, there is a strong wind which is not favorable to fly.
  4. Thermal Currents: They are formed when the sun heats the air. As warm air is lighter than the cold ones, it ascends high up in the atmosphere, thus creating the perfect environment for paragliding pilots to fly in. In winter, thermals are not so common as the sun is not able to heat up the air. Due to this, the paraglider cannot soar higher as much as it can do in winter.


Go Paragliding In Tenerife With Kangaroo Tandem

With the average annual temperature of 19-degree Celsius, Tenerife is the perfect place for paragliding in winter.


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