Kangaroo Tandem - Parapente Tenerife

You can't enjoy a pleasant flight experience. I flew many times but this was the most unpleasant. Try to force yourself to sell the film. No, thanks. I didn't ask for that, where did the idea of flying to film me while screaming thinking I was looking for that come from ??
The flight is shorter than what you paid for anyway.
I do not recommend this company for free. Ask for the money back if you paid with the card. 0 STARS SHAME
I believe I can fly...OMG I AM FLYING! That was exactly I was thinking. I totally loved this amazing experience and can totally recommend Kangaroo Tandem. Great service right from the start and I felt very cared for. Anytime again!!!
Great experience and a very nice team. The views are very nice. You'll depart from about 1000 meters and it will take about 20 minutes to get down. Contact is very easy via call or Whatsapp.
Super Team! Everything went great, pick up on time. Very good and simple explanation and quick start in the air. I’ll gladly come back to you again!
I flew and I am deeply disappointed. I do not recommend. Very insensitive, don't throw away the money
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