Paragliding In Tenerife

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley 


Traveling has always been a remarkable activity that lets us experience something new every time. As the quote clearly states what it means to explore new places, doing so reveals hidden treasures of them. In this case, people traveling to Tenerife have a lot in store for them that must leave them with a memorable experience. Focusing on the adventure aspect of the island, tandem flights in south Tenerife are full of thrill and excitement.


Here we explore the wonderful experience of jumping onto a tandem flight in the southern part of the largest Canary Island.


Understanding Southern Tenerife Conditions

The beautiful island of Tenerife is famous as a popular holiday destination worldwide because of its amazing beaches, historically significant places, cultural heritage, and delectable food. In addition to them, there is no shortage of adventure as several activities are there taking place on land, water, and air. Weather conditions hold a key place in making the activities feasible, particularly the aerial ones. Tropical conditions establish Tenerife as the place with the most number of flyable days in a year. 

paragliding tandem flights Tenerife south

With the weather conditions and wind direction in favor of an aerial journey, tandem flights in south Tenerife are a popular sight. Tourists are highly enthusiastic about the idea of soaring high in the skies of Tenerife and have an incredible time in the air. The wind direction creates a suitable condition for the lift of flight and lets the tourists get awestruck with the spectacular views of the island.


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Takeoff and Landing

Paragliding requires a steady launch to get airborne and sustain it for a desired amount of time. Takeoff spots are at locations that can easily provide the necessary push for the proper launch of a paragliding flight. Two prime locations for experiencing the unforgettable adventure of tandem flights in Tenerife are Taucho and Ifonche. Taucho is at an altitude of 800m while paragliding in Ifonche commences from the height of 1100m. Flight from Taucho takes you over the town of Las Moraditas offering the bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas. The joy and thrill of flying in the air take over the participants’ minds as they find themselves in complete awe of the moment. Similarly, flying from a height of 1100m in Ifonche is a surreal experience because of the increased height and different course of the flight.

Tenerife Tandem Paragliding

Making the touchdown in a steady manner is required to cap off a successful aerial excursion. Mostly the tandem flights in South Tenerife terminate at La Enramada Beach located in La Caleta de Adeje. The beautiful beach serves as the perfect location for ending the memorable journey in a comfortable way. In tandem flights, an instructor accompanies the participant to ensure a safe landing at the end of a wonderful time in the blue skies of Tenerife.


Adventure Time In Tenerife With Kangaroo Tandem

With our pool of professional pilots, we help tourists accomplish their dream of flying in a cracking manner. Secure your adventurous ride of tandem paragliding flights in south Tenerife with us to live the amazing moment.

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