Taucho, Basic flight

Takeoff in Taucho (800m)


95€ 85€ (Transportation Included)

Approximately 15-20 minutes

Takeoff from Taucho (800m)

Landing at La Enramada Beach (La Caleta de Adeje)

As long as wind conditions allow it.

The ideal flight for your first experience with paragliding.

We will take off from approximately 800m of altitude.

We will fly over the town of Las Moraditas before descending towards the coast to land on one of the official landings located before the beach or if the wind is favorable, on La Enramada beach.


From Ifonche or Adeje, depending on the weather conditions

We will takeoff from Taucho or Ifonche (Adeje) depending on the wind conditions


Details to be considered
  • Minimum weight 30kg
  • Maximum weight: 120Kg
  • Previous experience is not necessary
  • Pregnant women can NOT fly
  • Necessary technical material included
  • Free transportation is included from Los Cristianos to Los Gigantes


On the beach in La Enramada (La Caleta)

We will take advantage of the thermal air currents during the day to land on the beach of La Enramada in La Caleta de Adeje, as long as the wind conditions allow it.

  • Transportation back to the hotel (From Los Cristianos to Los Gigantes)


Contact us if you have any questions
  • Wear sports shoes or hiking boots
  • Wear comfortable clothes


One more step to fulfill your dream

If you need any special attention, indicate it in the observations of the reservation

If you have any questions, send us a message

+34 666 996 475

Monday - Sunday: 9:00 - 19:00

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